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Jul. 30th, 2009

Too lazy to upload this and I dunno if I can hotlink from TwitPic.


You see it too and you know it.

A New Look for the Holy Virgin

In Honour of Vagina Appreciation Week!!!

So, I was on a website that has those annoying flash ads on the sides. This particular ad was for the Virtual Prom. I had to refresh 3 times to believe my eyes & get a good screen shot.

What the heck is this?!Collapse )

Absolut Vagina

Vaginal ad is vaginal.

A Vag-faced monster from some terrible Sci-Fi/horror porn parody. I wish I could remember the name of it as the whole clip was pretty full of lolz.
Monster, I don't have no three fittyCollapse )


Gives a new meaning to "fuck my face".


Plant bud

Click the pic to embiggen. I took this at my fave local coffee shop, Grounded. The opening bud was too vaginal to pass up. I have been waiting for this community to come along so I would have a place to showcase it!
It's not a vagina, but fuck I wanted to post. :(

Got some dog bone shaped paper clips to use with my daily planner.

Cute, right? Check out what happens when you clip them the other way, or just view them from the back.

Cut for suspense.Collapse )